Starting a Small Business Online Safely and Quickly

My home office

My home office


I wanted to upgrade my account from because I had been so successful that I was able to hire two friends of mine and we were often posting more products than was typical for the website. While I had created a very basic website, I wanted to make sure that the website could withstand our customers creating profiles as well as my employees editing the website. I decided that using web application automated testing would be a good way to find out if my website could withstand the heavy traffic I was expecting. While I had the website for many years, I had no excuse to play with it until now because my account had been so successful. There was minimal traffic on the site and I did not need to worry about it. The traffic it received when I simply mentioned I was considering rebuilding my website on my blog nearly made the site crash. I knew I needed help.

I hired a web developer who suggested using performance testing web applications to make sure the site was in working order. By doing so I knew I could make sure my site was running properly. The web developer also used web application stress testing to make sure my website ran quickly and was streamlined so my employees could change or edit the website whenever possible. By making sure my site could take the stress, I knew they could change their profile or purchase anything whenever they wanted – something that is important for an online business. While it was not as simple as I thought, by using an automated web application testing, I was ensured that my website would not crash when my customers came.

I also wanted to ensure that when making a profile, my customers and my coworkers would have secure profiles and their financial information would not be found. After creating a test customer profile, I used web application security testing and learned how easily it was to get into my customers’ profiles. After learning this, my web developer helped me make it more secure through password requirements and firewalls and I felt much safer about my website. I also used web application penetration testing to make sure no one could get into the site and change the code and the site itself. Luckily, it was secure and I was able to focus on the creative aspects of my website.

While I did not want to spend the large amount of time I did using web application performance testing, web application load testing and about 20 other tests (it felt that way anayway), I was glad to know my website was reliable and secure. Because of the tests, I knew more people would be able to visit my site and I would hopefully make more money. For any small business I would suggest using web applications testing to make sure your sight is safe and fast. This will make it easier for customers to visit your website and easier for them to well, buy things!


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